My weekend challenge - Word count 44,158 (wp) 57,250 (pr)

Saturday, November 11, 2006, 11:43 AM

I've got a busy week ahead of me. From tomorrow evening on I've got rehearsals, recording sessions and tuition every night for seven consecutive days. Add my normal working hours and that leaves very little time for writing, which is going to be so frustrating seeing as I'm kind of on a roll at the minute.

So I have set myself a challenge, kind of in honour of NaNoWriMo - I know that's an American thing, nothing to do with me, but I like the idea. Anyway, my challenge is to write at least 5000 words this weekend.

On the one hand that should be easy enough seeing as I've got a whole 48 hours to myself, and I've got a very clear idea of where the next few thousand words are going, but there's the matter of five news items I need to write for my business website (I've taken on some very big clients) plus other weekend things like cleaning the house, laundry, visiting my mum, going into town for provisions, maybe doing some socialising. You know, normal grown up real world stuff.

So, 5000 words is a challenge given the demands placed upon my time. But I think it'll be worth the effort given how little time I'll have through the week. Of course, I'll try to report here on my progress.

Incidentally, I've noticed a strange and probably annoying habit creeping into my posts here. It's a pretty basic and cheap literary device, and there's probably a name for it. I keep making my closing line a stand alone paragrapgh consisting of one short sentence so as to lend it some greater significance.

I must stop doing that.


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