IT'S FINISHED!!! Word count 76,598 (wp) 92,590 (pr)

Sunday, December 03, 2006, 8:39 PM

Crack open the champagne! It's done! I typed the closing words just a couple of hours ago and I'm a bit emotional.

I have just fulfilled one of my life's greatest ambitions. Whether it's any good or not, at this moment in time, is another issue entirely. I'm just happy that I've finally written a whole novel. A whole novel, a dirty great big string of characters and words and sentences and paragraphs and scenes and chapters, all coming together to tell a story that came out of my head!

I intend to drink some beer in the very near future, tomorrow's work be damned!

Of course there still remains the matter of rewriting, rejigging and generally polishing this thing. I'll leave it a while, though, so I can hopefully come at it with a fresh eye.

As mentioned in a previous post I emailed the hook for Miss Snarks's Crap-o-Meter for preliminary critique over at a few days ago. In one of life's strange moments of serendipity I browsed over there within an hour of finishing the novel to find that it had been posted and commented on! I'm delighted to say the comments were broadly positive (I was sweating over that) and some very thoughtful, constructive observations were made. I intend to act on them in a day or two when I come back to the hook.

Today is a good day!


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