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Wednesday, May 09, 2007, 8:11 PM

I got tagged by http://sexscenesatstarbucks.blogspot.com/. Okay, here goes...

1) I'm a partner in a mulitmedia design and print business.
2) I've taught guitar since I was sixteen years old.
3) I've scored one (very low budget) feature film, several shorts, documentaries and radio jingles.
4) I've been a hand double for Ardal O'Hanlon, the comedian, in a movie where he had to play guitar.
5) My steak cooked in brown ale with rosemary roast potatoes is world famous (at least in my house).
6) I was almost married once, but had a lucky escape.
7) Ten years ago, I was close to getting a job as staff writer for Guitarist Magazine, but in the final interview I got so nervous I literally lost the power of speech.
8) Even though I've never ridden a horse, I know how to calculate scores for all the phases of three day eventing, including dressage, to FEI regulations.

So there you go. I'm not going to tag anyone else as I haven't quite built up the network of friends in Blogsville yet, and those I have, have probably already been done.

I just know I'm going to think of at least eight things I'd rather have said instead...



Blogger sex scenes at starbucks said...

Hey! I used to event!

Hmm, world famous steak in brown ale with rosemary roast potatoes. Yum.


8:25 PM  

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